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tv   Channel 2 News 11PM  CBS  January 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:40pm PST

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e-mpshirh - whicthholds e rsfiimt pronary ru feb9tary h. n- a c- rn pollseelead today un foerd sandows is nin 27 pots ea ah cd ofonlintea-- l hdinger er60 p tcent po 33nterce. ersandups' s iportw n ne mp hae shirinhas secread 10 enperc ptages ointe sinclathe stpo asll wdu con ictedten la mbnovender aly eart lash.mont e thstlatel pol falso toundhan er52 p ocentw f neshhampire mo des cratnoare rew suut aboth cheir foicereor pntside... th uat'somp frpe 36 t rcenwho t felty hat walaearly thst mon. gh toniwat the oushoe cnty mo deiccrat h partya osted caucusai trt ning apatheir rties he teadquarrs. ga or snizersraay tgsinin like th e ese areaa gry t wapato prerepe orople fea the rg l thincomingup br in feuary. an ryay canad u joins is liven st the ryudio. hyan wit is im t portantefor votrrs to ain fo e r thuscauces? 's itta importrnt to w ain nobe thcause vae neauda c scus iso .. soon.
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ly reales the btot way know wh oiat's gn ng ongduri the tu ac oal daycaf the . ucus..and e sincheit's t o firstn ne ithe .. wests .it hatethe pofontial r a ihuget mpacheon t idpresalenti race. -- intalkg--- ni tos ght'uscaucin trawaing s a rs fir t fo..many. m tofiquinn-ucrst ca"ius-- have ve neenr bea to uscaucor befe soth asis wra a tg inininto kd of n lear'swhats it'aball " out. t firsrstimecr des tibedtahe srt heof txpir encerie ae as tt lile.. om "cedplicat sero tha e's good as reo on t thavetrhis ngaini."bu tt asighe nenht w..t on. -- nt-cou--ing- trthe ngaini p wasvirongbe to do soing oome gd."t dehe i ta is hhereo as tbe ghenoupo suporrt fh eac idcandanate ad ifta cerin nd cae idatn'doesvet haug enoh suthort peose dopleourop t d an ctheye an buirecrbyted thema recaining esndidat." heeven tve most cateran ucusers re wesh freg eninn up o ahow itll rk wos. a daelongibsme-forcer viir chast rtate pahay- "i lve af ot o riexpe, encemothe eore pwhple o tcomeuco caraus tgsinin thebe , tter iin 08, t whink ient to ur foin tra."ings
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w, noor befe e th mlaste inutha s ssleauof cdacus mey co ee cr upingp.. pl"peonte ware to ergistop, pele twantkeo mae surr thei gi retistras on id,sounir the notfo onund r the, oles mtheyight t be awrthe loong oncati i, sot becan ot chandic a m theore fo iniormatknn you ow b ther ette ep pr yaredl ou'lbe." evbut f en icayou man't t ke ito caa ucraus tg.inin.. ee--ch- rs-- ga orrsnize y sayusou mart len e th adatehend tat locofion the alactucu cauy,s daau bect se iis o toanimportt isto ms. r ambeerjoinat- stsee asmbly ermembst-"juw shoo up tyouruc caatus loc cion ondaaucus y d anthenjoy ere convonsatih wit nyourboeighthrs, wat'si hat wo uld agencours e folk" to do. an thd boas the wunhoe cotymo deiccratty parhe and tpu reanblicty paros are htingve secaral tucusgsrainin at eithher quadarr tetesi ys. couan tfindathose dvies by siting r theieswebsit g or byo oing t .cktvnndom ain clickheg on t n blueksewslinn. buttoth vae neemda dc ocratiparty wcaucuskeill tace plaur satday ryfebruant tweieth th and ble repuauican cllcus wi tube on feesday rybruaen twrdty-thi. co cveringn ampaigli20-16 ve in th ude stryio, anan c cadayelhann
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h"nows ere'lgmike airer's fstok loe at thntpinpoior 2 fecast" avwe ht e a bireof a bthak in e on actig cominy,our wath with e tonext sysrm ssltem o ated tmove h througdaon frisay and . turday e for thteshort mirm, a idld rge ig of hsuh presl re wilhebump tne ifxt pacysic stotem our rt nollh. we' o starth ut witrt paudly clos y skiedawednesy,d anatthen citch a lretle moou clssdineth in rne afteoon as e thrnsoutheof edge d a col t frons brushee by. onr othe ib possy ilitonto cissider ach f ance ofrlocal feezingog, es lypeciale in throarea aund ke truc we, butd e coulte poy ntiallmesee soth in e va s.lleyh higattemperilures wl st n ay i50the ugs throayh frid. cbenignwilouds rell incase sd thurt ay, bul it wildabe friy fobe tre nhestext storm syemmo roves thhiugh. t bs wille a co tolder sh rm wit lsnows evel w thatprill lyobab start wh somearere loundhoake tae, but ul co td drop to nearlehe valy rs flootu by sai rday. t don'pe exnyct ale valmuy accus lation t atinhis po ot, butaince agn av trveel oe r th cpassesetould gve
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pidevelohtng rig. i kistan spoliceroay a pfessor a and ud stveent han beeedkill in anat y tack b agunmenivt a unersity hein tnt cou nry'sweorthst. ea r,rlie p thee olicarand my we xcre einhangirg gunfwie heth t ck attad ers anl severaioexplosns re werd heath from oe areaf the ba pa ankist si tvs tationare oa brngdcastige footang showi av hetay milisery pre tnce athe iv un--ersitys troopg rushinin d anoppe flengleei. am ncbularees ath at ene scd e an th osea hlspita. so n fare o onclhas d aime sp rebionsi flityheor tac attk. an the.ks mikwe
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soopers ray icyoadsnt cod ribute fto a aatalt ccidenne akar lhoe taere ov thewe d.ekenth ase crpph ha oeneds n u-50 8 about nomiles trth ofhe rncalifoadia-nevata stnee li arnenb gle. rook.. 9around-30 rd satuhtay nig. tr soopersilay a syover totaco throlla asat wve traling .. east i. slide nto thbowestund ndlane ali colwided hith a wtesu baru. ea 36-yaqr-old mouiles . lero..a gepassenher in tla corol... ss pay ed awanjfrom iuries su d stainein tshhe cra. the dr weivers hre noturt. av we hd e a sateupdaig tonht - a on w storyeee've bown folling thfor ste pada five ys... e th cplacershounty s eriff' ce offiit says s hasnduspeed the ch sear s for andkier a ski ol schouc instrwhtor nto wemi lassing wee23 ol-year-sod "car wn may"as eelast shun on twhrsday ile sk t iing ar suga- bowlhewhere rkhas wothed at tae mounin or speats lcerning ornter f the t pasteahree swhsons. en he dn diur't ret on homeidn fray, chsearre c swsrttaed ok lor ing fohim. e thifsheroff's sficeays co ionditurns dfiing ayve ds of
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todue hnoeavy sthw and e chavalanere dang. th ife sherfif's ofrece regtssp su tendingrche seah. pr retaesenfrtives om thesh s eriff'ceoffi c....nshaplaian r d sugaepbowl ratresentives t me mwithamay's fdaily toy. in at a stsuement wlgar boed thank ev yoer wnepeho hel td inhe ar sech. ok loouing ar nnd thenoation miovigan grierner ck ersnydgi apolor zed fotythe ciof nt flier's wats. crisi.. and d pledgealto do anl he clp to he rs revedae the dmage -hiuring s nu anteal stae of the stat dradesnis toght. s i amndorry ail i witl fix ... yo rvu deseune accotytabili." cithe wty'supater sply isun tsafek o drinusbecae of ev el lateds eveleaof ld-- tr esoublha tt arstd te ainilpr 1420wh, heen tit cley tfthe de t troitewasyr emstnd are dw waomter frli the fernt riv to m saveoney. th rne gove aor hasawsked lmakersfo arr ne0 ly 3iomilllln dotoars acreplume pln bing iscs,hoolda esycar h andtaospi. lshes say stthe wiate ayll p m foraledic d anhabealviorat tre fmentoraf
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sc the cammershelaim tms victie owsaa thouland dolrs foril fa aing tor ppeajufor y.ry dutif h youquave s estionjuabout ryse yrvice,anou cl calrsthe fit aljudiciic distrt t cour-7at 8-8 2. 20-8ju aldiciis dt tricurco 8t at-8-7 2.20-8 st cill to come on 2hannel news 1 atta1 - asx ses on icioffiallyre hean... erd the e arw a fesc thams sue treaepry denartmt nt wa ms tosuake oure y're e awar . of y whatd ou neew,to knoom cing up . ilmike w al haveat look your re fo acast tfterakhe bre.... rsbut finot - reon is te ofhe itbest c bies tofie a tirst me me hor.buye w butm hy? i'amanda sw anomer cuping t. nex s "thihais c 2nnels new 1at1, rtno nhernadevs a'mbnuneer ows newicast, anth arinena bentt, nd lailon m sler,pos rtthwi rr gadeett rnarbo m andike ge als r'oipinpornt 2 f" ecast!
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ouwhile ler peop worknglorser houow for leser wag, al amostewll nom ince go thes to p e to1%. n my plae -- maktrwall seet s bankthand are ultrich thpay faeir hair sf re os,taxe idprovvie liagng wes wofor g rkinlepeop, en esure pqualoray fen wom. m i' sbernie.anders ap i e prov mthis essagee becausertogeth, anwe ce makpo a calitilul revotion d antecreaec an yonomd ancrdemothacy orat works f all
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if e you'rg lookin yto buyour ve stry fir y home,ayou mt wanto put re n no dowr on youf list o onlocatiaus, becs se it'ingettg on natienal atttion.
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--source a has rdded ieno tots o list"tf the ciop 10 ftiesor rs fimet-tieb homeruy" s. anam kdachetdgleise le iv tinhe omnewsromo with amre. hoanda, w d dibithe t gges clittlekeity ma isthis lt? somoney oource lroked thtaugh dafr e om mor0-than 7ndthousa an loca appliintions the fd theyutound ot thanew li famiooes l fkingoror affdable g housinonoptimps, et loymen rt oppos unitieciand a icty rh cu and e lturnoare idw consering arenos ssa poitibil ly toive. pmanye eoplopare g enindothe or heto tirst fires homre in . no..op g enindoor ft...aoner crisidellng at tha cithe asty hof to fer.cj th mandme, aatinistrador neva ho g usinondivisio': "rens a t greatoplace t live. ahere's alot ofblffordaese hous to se choo t from. lhere'staake hoe, shgreat ngoppid , anofa lot jo ngbs beied creat." itdespnge haviig the hhestem unntploymeou rate llt of a the icitiesncluended, rl o stil gemana md toneake mocey sour'sst li. d anrelocal stal eagate --ent jd ak drh ulic utold'ss hen bee ci notiupng an n tick ifirst-me
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r p theinttoes imao the rket. dj.d.chrakuliax, re/mea rl es "state: heince tes recsion ve ,we'nd foud a gooseincrea in vhome aalues,om blossing urcult fe in aood,ndus obvioly ffwe ooter a ltd of ouoor ac ti."vitiesco actording ku dra, lich anow isod goto time ec buy bheause t stintere a ratesowre l w forhat pe reople ang looki for. j.rad. dchkuli/m, reeaax rl teestaou: "ydi're erscovating wh u yoafcan , ford ywhate ou'r orcomfe tabl. with dtheninecidg reon ad a ane.pricn thelyreal in nailwng dor youiacriter. how ma rony bedu oms yoa want. lot of le peopd neerta ceouain amnt of be fdroomsiror the o kids,r you , knowngplannivi on hang ami fathly so aney w ot town now gr and o ow int."a homed andanevats wano you tgrow ouinto yt r firsy home boffering e th ihomesss po pibleamrogr. ancj m athe,isdminortratad neva inhousvig di: siony "manlifamiespa eiy thllr bi ts on time,hey ahaved goockpayche c, theyan fo afherd tth monorly mgagepa byment,reut whey the tfindhest leruggco is umingthp wien woughthith wne dome payn nt icl g osins.cost t ands hat'e wher prour m ogras comein." thoge prgrram aantschs mu5 as pe t rcenheof tn loaamount ed need. m cje,anthin admatistrador neva inhousvig di"wsion: ae'retoble se farve tmiliesmahat p ke uto 00$95,ar0 dollths wiro our pgram
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$4o ,000 sommany hs ebuyercan if qualthy for mee hopo is ssible raprogm." f so i iyou'retenteresd inyi buomng a hene in rtho for e fi merst tiou and yto want use e th ihomeibs possgrle proam, al yol hau tvedoo -- is t,firs t contacroan appndved leh or wit ho the diusing . vision u yogocan r to oue websitatkt otvn d c som, wea et up link u for yo oin thevenline ofrsion s thisortory fin more mveringeyonch watda, aman edketchlchge ,2 annel news. ha"c 2nnels newincontwiues thch nppintoi 2as forecadt, brocast iecertif td bymehe arican me olteor sogical!"ociety we e havt a bireof a bthak in e cactionouoming wr way,e ith th tonext sterm sysatm slo ed tmove ug throrih on fd day anaysaturd. th for t e shora term, idmild rge ig of hsuh presl re wilhebump tne ifxt pacteic sys om tourno wrth. se'lluttart o with ib posstoility de consir is aan chloce of eecal frogzing f, es lypeciale in throarea aund tr buckee,cout we uld nt poteseially mee soth in e ll va heys.mpigh teeseratur will st thay in the 50s h rougayfrid. ni beudgn clo is wille ncreasth , ursday wbut it fill beriday
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s moveugthrohih. t bs wille a co tolder sh rm witevsnow lels wthatobill prtaably srtso e mewher laroundhoake tae, butco opuld drar to neal the vley oo fly rs brdsatudoay. i n't aexpectleny valmuy accus lation s at thi bpoint,e ut oncagain tr veavel opar the csses gouldet ouvery twegh as in head to the
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thth year nae pefolty r not vi hang hinealth e suranctois up $3 p25 pererson. ve an eern biggue issbe to on okthe lor out fomsis sca-- alespecily ou if yon file line. ealast yutr, abof 80% onsnevadafi ecled elaltronicly. wi t,th tha a therehire 2 tngs to ouwatch r:t foif rs the ir evelltes you lt muaxiple tur reterns wlee fid in na your ime, orgef you a t ti noonficatige of wa-2s, a w n from an unknowoyempl.ter..hats rea fld ag. t nof only oautax fr ad, butlso en idhetity tft. ne : lsonec"i r fommendiling rl eacay bethuse owat's h we d avoioiit, av id thaty dentit ef tht t. jusurget yon returin rebefo c themirina" ls do. d anouif yfi do le. now..your nd refud shoulreget hee befor d the en mof thethon. ls neheon: "ts irs i isayingts t abou 19 orys0 daif. but last i yeary s ancaindiittion, 's re mo6 like or 7."
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ti m you wight cant toheck - out-in includtog how yo keep axur t re s cordresecupr to t even tiidenftty the. u yondcan fiha all tt rminfon atio won our. ebpagejust . wi sth taxuneason ayderwbe, ing e awarenof potcatial smsco beenmes evim more t.portan 's thathe why tur treasy rt depa iments g warninthabout is ar yean's dgers. rs"the ill is cameing t? ishis r foalre?" de the ntpartmed issueica publ rv seanice cenoun wmentarning ertaxpayt s abouscphone ammers aiwho cle m to benirs agts. arin mf ch o ylastabear 36out 6 ndthousae peoplenhad bed calle sby theercamms... 'snow itth more 00an 9us thoand. th and l e tota oamounty f mone hstolenwnas grom froil15 mlionto th more mian 26 dollion llars.m titrcamus/ryeasuar deptment: re"they'ru just thlesscr s,iminalhe and tlyy real't donre ca p aboute,eoply thedon't re caut aboin anythr g othethan yi trinng to tetimidaou yo int pa tyingmohem " ney. y ifo ou dgea t llcae likatth,
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th aus oritiey sae thtascam srted i inutndia bso it's ta profible it s hasd preaopto cs ycatall erovhe tor w. ld da : llasrethe 'sno men
11:25 pm
he on tth road aongevera t, it takes hreendhuamred aneric srkwofoing a r d soliarye, akto m me asmouch asney t oneop ceo. it le's cald wathe apge g. th and ble repuwiicans akll mite rswobye lerowg inxetafos r osth te atophe t l andngetti rpcoatornsiori wte ei thrur own les. ll hiinary clllton wik worto thclose ge wageap. eql uay par fomewoton ai rse meincor s fomifa,lies a erhighim minagum we, lo xewer taths for lee middas cls. ll she' t getobhe jfo done .r us i' arm hilliny cld ton an iape prov mthisgeessa. ow "nre, hepo's sdirts orrectga t rretbodearwirn, hath c 2nnel sp tsor" co ntming inio the heght, tre was le one ndague ud efeateleft t
11:26 pm
siin of thd gs, an wcarsonas in play tg hostnao gale. -s orenatde stuecnt s ftionired up hi for te.s onrs.. -fit qu r artethand nae se gtorset in thtags s..rtedre. jaokd roer wi kllckno dn owsea baline erjumpnd aar cn sos haaran ely 2 t poin..lead. ft -ahaer tbit a at ofd wil mbscraorle f b thegaall lenaco upmes h wit. it.. ptheyass d ahea wzachamillid s anethe gs e thp.layuri.. gitzz wtwhin o atth oiat p. nt.. n -theoncarss goe obacke n that ..tackey. thre sha b theall l unticaasa errtet gops oenn bathe neseli h andumis jr peis ..goodna. se storsuntay atdefeed l ine eagu aplayeys thd holoff e thzlgriz60ies -54. ot one ysher bo r scored eportein to rnight,pseno to4- hug 755. w - hot abougithe rls... to senakers lootod en cemeit thr ay plstoff aatusstgainen gala.- oncarsth on r eimegan ithis on ste faak bre and
11:27 pm
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11:29 pm
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11:30 pm
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11:32 pm
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11:33 pm
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ini thk, today it's washing a rrtomoo ow, whknows? ap perhlas a saind spwiner th a blcinder aock one bungecord. ma a drn can eam. idwhat d you? say>> j ton:ulhat woed b aib ve. w iflde cou get itng goi. s >>:tephen tulhat wod be fun.>> i' jon: m r.eadyla ( )ughter>> en steph: bute likallie scicntifgr prohiess, ts comes th wi a c,ost and not just of a w neinwashhig i alan, rek ly loosat thivi deo. es witne s thinmachofe's proundsa s dnest as ilestruggs topl ieaseants humrs maste, even cat the iost ofwnts oe. lifwh onat mhasters beve we come? p toasaraphrhie the itndu deyvi "shnu bi ambrecome ick, st der royeliof app"ances. ht( lauger ) u and yowhknow, men thesachine y finallp rise ut againsitus whan dy thel- wil- rwith iogue lphoneseading es armibo of cymbrg rooitas whkn apives tthed to em tosl
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vbe theheideo t ay playrt oush alow tris. innt a giang washine machi .we and er deshave wtever ey thto do us.( htlauger ) pl ( ap )ause ee ( chrs )yw an'vay, we ae gotat gre show t.tonigh t firs bi'lline talkheg to t ouhilarilis chare day. ee ( ch ars ande pplaus) i heofs one s the otarssf "it' salways iunnyiln phiaadelph." iswhich o nota nly great me cot dy, buioa cautalnary teab obout glmial warng. en thl i'l sitow dnh wit ourfr oliend cinks han. d coul say friend. j >>on: r.ight ph>> ste hen:e's anmy emat-nomincted aor s who'restarded in "xter,"ar "fndgo," ali now "fe inpi ."ecesan 'md if iis not m ataken:llsh
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